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Garmin Forerunner 35 Watch, Limelight

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    Meet the Garmin Forerunner 35 GPS Running Watch
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    Garmin Forerunner 35 REVIEW!
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    Garmin Forerunner 35 (CHEAP = GREAT) – Runner 2 Runner REVIEW
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    Forerunner 35: Easy-to-use GPS Running Watch with Wrist Heart Rate
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    Обзор часов Garmin Forerunner 35
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    Review del Garmin Forerunner 35, reloj gps con pulsómetro óptico
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    Garmin Forerunner 35 In Depth Review Heart Rate Accuracy
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    Garmin Forerunner 35 is a GPS watch for beginners
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    Garmin 35 review
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    Forerunner 35: Unboxing Your GPS Running Watch with Wrist-based Heart Rate
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Stay fit, stay connected, and share your progress with forerunner 35. This stylish, easy-to-use GPS running Watch offers elevate wrist based Heart rate, giving you the option to run Without a chest strap. It also doubles as an all-day activity tracker to give you steps and calories. Forerunner 35 includes connected features like smart notifications, automatic uploads to the Garmin connect online fitness community, live track and music controls right on your wrist. Meet your fitness goals with help from various Sport profiles, intervals, vibration alerts to keep you motivated and useful features such as auto pause and run/walk activity mode. Forerunner 35 running Watch has what you need to take your running to the next level. Just put it on and go!

Customer Reviews

Brand New Garmin Forerunner 35, the Forerunner for the Beginner to Advanced

 on October 1, 2016
By DarkSideChallenger
I have been in a search for a Beginner/Iintermediate running-GPS watch for about 7 months. I have tried and tested the following watches, Forerunner 735XT, Fenix 3 HR, Apple Watch Series 1, Vivoactive HR, and even the Polar M400. As a intermediate runner/jogger, I really thought I needed all the “advanced running dynamics” found in the Fenix 3 and FR735XT, well I found out that I most certainly didn’t need it need them. The FR735XT felt really cheap for $449, I would highly recommend it for it any serious triathlete, but no one else. The Fenix 3 HR is a monster, Looks good, but a a price, it will not fit inside dress shirts with the cuff buttoned. Had so much stuff I never would need, or even want. If you are a wilderness nut, that needs to bread crumb his or her way back from god knows where, this is your watch. Also the HR was the worst out of all that I tested. Apple Watch S1, well it was a joke, no serious runner should ever run with it, let alone buy it. (Coming from a huge apple guy since 2001) Apple Watch 2 looks promising, but the battery dies to fast. The Garmin Vivoactive HR, probably the best gps watch I tested, Great touch screen, accurate HR, nice fitness tracker, ok display, multisports up the Kazoo, but the running program was extremely watered down, No virtual pacer, No intervals, walk/run alert would only buzz, no audio alarm, Glonas/GPS was a nice option, touch screen not responsive during sweaty treks. Vivoactive HR also was pretty ugly, probably the ugliest out of them all except for the Polar M400.

Is it possible to fall in love with a running watch?

 on October 13, 2016
By S. Bell
I’m a Garmin gal. I got into the running community when the Forerunner 10 was all the rage, and I was convinced a Garmin was my only choice. At the time, all Fitbit could do was offer total number of steps a day. It was a rudimentary pedometer at best, just in a cute fancy casing, with little to offer in GPS and other features that runners look for. I went with a cheaper Garmin, the Forerunner 15. Lots of my running friends were getting the fancy 910XT, 620, 235, and other “big model number, big price” Garmin watches I couldn’t afford or justify for myself at the time. I had the small black model FR15, which had a green trim. I wasn’t thrilled with the look, but it was the only black band available in the small size. The others were pink and purple with a white face. I wear a lot of red, so I didn’t really want those colors, since I used it as an all day activity/step tracker as well as a running watch (hence, why I went with Garmin, and ditched the thought of getting a Fitbit). The only problem was going to church, where dress is a little more formal, and the look of a big bulky black running watch was a big eyesore. I wore it all the time, and I would often take my watch off in church and sneak it inside my purse because I’d forgotten to take it off before I left home.

Highly recommend!

 on November 5, 2016
I have never wanted a lot of bells and whistles in a running watch, so for a long time I wore a Forerunner 10. I loved that little watch but eventually decided I wanted one feature that it was missing: heart rate monitoring. I didn’t want to shell out the money for a high end Garmin, both because of the price and because I wasn’t interested in all the advanced features, so I bought a Fitbit Charge HR to wear along with my FR 10. That was a disaster (side note: I can’t believe how popular Fitbits are, I could never get mine to work correctly and the customer service was terrible. Never again). So when I heard about the FR 35 I got really excited. It sounded like just the watch I was looking for: a little more advanced than the FR 10, but still a pretty simple running watch and at an affordable price.

Love not needing to wear a band around my stomach

 on January 20, 2017
By C.J.
*UPDATE 2: Have been using for almost a full year now. Still works like new. Use it 3-5 times a week on runs and occasionally wear it as an everyday watch. My boyfriend just got his own Forerunner 35 for Christmas and he loves his too.

Great watch for the price.

 on August 2, 2017
By BenK
Synopsis: Overall, this is a good, basic running/ fitness watch that makes a nod at also being a smart watch. There is nothing flashy here. The watch doesn’t do color, just back and silver/white on the display. For those who have used or who remember the traditional Kindles, this is actually pretty nice in terms of contrast as it is easy to ready in low light and high light conditions. In the dark, you still need the light from the lighting button. Unless you are a pro/ elite level runner who will use the advanced features of the higher end watch offerings from Garmin or their competitors, or are someone who doesn’t mind paying an absurd amount for a the latest tech gadget, this watch is more than adequate when paired with external sensors such as the HRM Run. As you read this, please bear in mind that I haven’t had the opportunity to run the higher end models, so my only points of comparison are the spec sheets and the price points. I will try to avoid providing second hand anecdotal evidence for or against them.

I LOVE this watch

 on October 15, 2017
By Holly
I LOVE this watch! I had another Garmin previously which I also liked, but it too had a white band and was completely destroyed by normal wear…dirty and changed color. Also the old Garmin I had (different model) stopped holding a charge. This watch’s band is white but does not hold onto dyes or transfer colors and I wear it all day working with patients in Physical Therapy where I am constantly washing hands and getting lotion and oils on the watch and it still looks brand new…I use alcohol wipes to get dirt or lotion off the band. It has great battery endurance, lasting me up to 2 weeks used as a regular watch and 5 to 7 days with regular exercise GPS usage. It charges fast and the clip charger keeps it from accidently slipping off during the charging process. It is water resistant to washing hands…I haven’t found any real proof in the manual or otherwise that it is waterproof and that you can swim with it. So I have not tried it in fear of ruining It. It alerts me to texts, calls, emails, and voicemails. Alert only, but you can dismiss calls and read text messages. You can also run your music which is extemely handy if you are in your car or exercising to change the song or pause/play music, it just blue tooth syncs up to your phone or mp3. I like the size and style. Wrist based HR monitor seems accurate enough for target range HR, it monitors my sleep, steps, and automatically sets daily goals based on your activity level. Measures indoor and outdoor walking/running. The only thing I wish it had was a basic stop watch. You can start the cardio setting but it’s not as quick as just having a stop watch. Overall a very good watch..I’ve had it for several months and so far very durable.

Just what I hoped for, plus some great bonus features.

 on January 19, 2017
By Justin
I am impressed. This watch does very well for what I bought it for: GPS tracking of runs and walks. What I did not expect is how well it does a couple of other things:

Good watch.

 on January 16, 2017
By Brandon Jackson
It’s a great watch. I have owned it for 3 months now. Battery life lasted a little longer than 10 days after the first full charge. It’s easy to conserve the battery though- just turn the power off if you don’t need to use the watch; it takes about 5 seconds to start up once you turn it back on. I have yet to be able to control music and look at weather from the watch. Other than that, the watch operates as advertised.

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